VP of Marketing

Title: Vice President of Marketing
Reports to: President and CEO
Direct Reports: Director of Marketing Services, Product Marketing Manager(s)
Cross Functional Relationships:
- VP of Sales and the sales team
- VP of Strategic Development
- Director of Product Management and the product management team
Status: Full Time
Office: Listen Technologies - Headquarters / Bluffdale
Listen Technologies Corporation is an entrepreneurial company in an industry that is ripe for new ideas and innovation. Listen is seeking an exceptional marketing professional with a proven track record of driving sales through creative and well-organized campaigns across both traditional and new media.
The right candidate for Listen is someone who can quickly learn the fundamentals of what drives the business, and with input from the Executive Team, can responsibility assess the best marketing course to pursue to achieve significant results in growing new customers and reinvigorating current and past customers.
In addition to dynamic creativity, the VP Marketing will expertly manage and prioritize all assignments and efforts of the marketing team.
The ideal candidate will efficiently accomplish all of these goals within a reasonable budget and timeline.
Revenue and profitability growth
Qualified lead generation
Expense and capital budget

Detailed Job Description:
The VP of Marketing is responsible to:
- Lead, manage and train the Director of Marketing Services, Product Market Managers and other staff as required.
- Constantly optimize all aspects of the marketing process to improve results. Reports on the specifics of how marketing has been further optimized during the quarterly master planning sessions (MPS).
- Plan, develop and implement specific lead generation campaigns, projects, events, trade shows, advertising, direct marketing, etc.; that results in qualified lead generation and increased revenue.
- Extensively use metrics to improve marketing performance. Uses a dashboard to report to the management team key marketing metrics.
- Work with the VP of Strategic Development to conduct and analyze market research. Works with the executive team to specify the company's market strategy and then execute that strategy.
- Be vigilant about the Listen brand and responsible for all aspects of the Listen brand including the maintenance and implementation of the company's brand manual.
- In synchronization with the company's strategic plan:
o Plan, develop and implement all aspects of the Listen web site.
o Plan, develop and implement all aspects of product marketing.
o Plan, develop and implement the company's social media.
o Plan, develop and implement the company's public relations.
o Plan, develop and implement the company's key messaging.
- Maintain all Listen content.
- Responsible to develop, document, train and implement all marketing processes and procedures.
- Responsible to lead the development, planning and implementation of all key activities including lead the key activities team.
- Responsible to manage the marketing team expense and capital budgets.
- Attend and contribute during quarterly master planning sessions (MPS).
- Minimum 4 years college/university, MBA preferred.
- Minimum 15 years senior marketing management experience.

- Strong communication skills
- Strong leadership skills
- Strong people management skills
- Proven track record of qualified lead generation
- Experienced in web site development and management
- Experienced in public relations
- Experienced in social media
- Strong software tools skills
The ideal candidate will possess the following attributes:
Thrives on responsibility and displays a drive for results. Is able to manage a broad range of deliverables and is able to work collaboratively with others to accomplish goals. Has a proven track record of success in a wide variety of market conditions.
Direct leadership ability. This position involves direct management of a team of product marketing/management personnel and content specialists.
Cross-functional leadership ability. This position involves aggressively driving results across a wide range of functional leaders within the company.
Direct product marketing/management capabilities. This position should "lead from the front" - the best candidate will be able to both show direct leadership and to manage existing/new lines of business as necessary.
Analytical abilities. Everyone has opinions; the key to success in this position is to create non-anecdotal fact-based frameworks for decisions.
Demonstrates a flair for innovation and creativity. From demand creation to conversion to new product and service offerings, this position is able to identify new opportunities in the marketplace and is able to communicate those ideas and bring them to market faster than the competition.
Has a passion for developing others. Works well in a team environment and takes pride in developing the skills of each team member. Can lead through both positional authority and inspirational leadership.
Enjoys working in a dynamic company environment and can lead teams in both structured and non-structured work processes.
Contact: Human Resources
Phone: 801-233-8992
Email: adminteam@listentech.com
Please submit resume to: adminteam@listentech.com
Please use job reference # 2013-27.

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