Talented Web Developer: Build on GAE (Java or Python)

What you'll get to do:
Envision, design, & build apps from the ground-up
Work with exciting new technologies, like Google App Engine, iOS, etc.
Architectural design and control
A variety of daily tasks to work on
Your own office complete with two 30" monitors
We are looking for someone to join our small company as the lead web developer. We need someone who is confident in their skills because you will be solely responsible for our company's web development projects.
Your first project will be to create a cloud-based application for parents and children in a custody situation to organize their co-parenting schedule and life events. The application will start browser-based and expand to native-mobile later. It will be built on the Google App Engine using either Java or Python (your choice). The front-end will use AJAX.
Some of the specific features of this new app will include schedule coordination, parenting plan generation, expense tracking and collaboration, communication, & record-keeping.
Many people will be using this new app. We already have a large customer base for our windows software; they are eagerly awaiting this new app for web/mobile. We get lots of website traffic and so this app will get lots of users quickly.
Pay & Benefits:
Salary, DOE
Health insurance
PTO & holidays
Flexible working hours
40-hour weeks; overtime not required
Company Location:
We're located at the intersection of I-15 & Bangerter.
For more information about our company, visit our website at: www.custodyxchange.com
We are looking for someone who has experience creating web-based applications.
Experience with:
Java or Python
Source control
GAE experience a plus
UX experience a plus
To apply, email your resume to bencoltrin@gmail.com.

Don't Be Fooled

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