Photography Assistant/Artist

We are looking for ROCKSTAR people who are responsible and willing to have fun at work EVERY DAY! You do not need any experience! We will teach you everything you need to know(Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.). This job will have future opportunities to accept more responsibility and be promoted. We believe in growing/challenging our employees.
We are family/children photographers. Most of our sessions are young, adorable children. So, if you do not like adorable children, please stop reading ;D. Our employees are bubbly, energetic, outgoing, fun, athletic and positive people! They are basically the most awesome people ever, all of them. They are smart and patient and love children. There aren't better humans on the planet.
Most of the job will be presenting, selling, and printing images for our customers. We do not want pushy sales tactics!!! Instead, we expect you to be sincerely interested in what the customer wants. Our customers are like family to us so we want you to work with them like they were your own family. Our artists are primarily responsible for the 'front end' of the studio. This means welcoming customers, answering phones, delivering orders, checking customers in and out, etc. Your workday will 'fly' by because you are fully engaged and having a blast with each customer. We shoot 35 sessions PER DAY which requires moving fast and frequent multitasking.
Our assistants accompany our photographers during sessions. They will help with whatever is required to ensure amazing photography!
We are one of the busiest photo studios in the nation which makes the environment fast-paced and ridiculously fun. We hire people with similar personalities (who are all fun and a little weird) so we all really enjoy each others company.
Pay will start at $8.00 an hour during training, which lasts two weeks, then goes to $9.00 from then on.
Our first session of the day is 8:00 am. and our last session of the day is 8:00 pm. Monday-Saturday. Our workdays vary from morning shifts to evening shifts. Our artists work around 32-40 hours per week. We need people with flexible schedules - people willing to work mornings or evenings.
Being a fast learner is very important. Being responsible, dependable, and adaptable are extremely essential.
Most of all, you must be AWESOME and ready to have some FUN!!
We are looking for people who would like to stay with us for years. If you're looking for a summer job, this isn't the place. If you think there is something about you that is incredibly magical - please, please apply! :)
Contact: Luke
Email: luke@fotofly.com
To apply, email Luke (luke@fotofly.com) a short paragraph answering the following questions:
Why do you want to work at FotoFly? Why are you a good fit?
What computer skills do you currently have?
What's the best part of working with the public, what's the biggest challenge?
What have you done in the past and what do you want your future to look like?
What makes you FUN and a little WEIRD?
When are you available to work during the week? How soon can you start?

Don't Be Fooled

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