Smart Rhino Labs is currently looking for a full time graphics designer. Almost all project will be web based.
Candidate must have extensive experience in graphics design, as well as, experience in marketing and sales through graphic design. Examples include graphic design with landing pages, e-commerce, co-registration paths, incentivized paths, etc. We are not looking for a graphics designer whose background is in offline print.
The job is full time (9 am to 5 pm), but the duration of the job has not been set. We will run a minimum of a 60 day trial in which we will determine the needs of the company and whether or not a full time graphics designer is needed.
Please do not apply for the position if you are new to graphics design or do not have a strong background in graphics design. No programming experience is necessary.
- Ability to use Adobe Photoshop
- Ability to use Adobe Illustrator
- Experience in online marketing/sales through graphics design.
- Front end programming is a plus but not necessary
Contact: Ben Paynter
Email: ben@smartrhinolabs.com
Email your resume and examples of your work to ben@smartrhinolabs.com

Don't Be Fooled

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